St.Andrew's United Church History - Pictured in1942

History of St. Andrew's United

Built in 1894, (hence the business name) St. Andrew's started out as Zion Church, and remained so through to January of 1965 when it amalgamated with St. James' in Hood and became known as St. James'-Zion. In May of that year, a further amalgamation took place, when the United Church in Poland's congregation joined with St. James'-Zion. Poland closed down at that time, donating it's pew and organ, among other assets, to Watson's Corners. St. James became an Education Hall until it was sold in 1971, with proceeds also going to St. Andrew's. The name St. Andrew's was chosen at that time because the first place of worship in the community had been St. Andrew's Hall and to align with the local cemetery name. 

The contract price to build the church in 1894 was $850. By the time it was furnished and decorated the costs had mounted to a whopping $1,079.59.

In 1974,  land, much of the material and labour was donated by community members to build a Sunday School/Education Room at the rear of the church. Various improvements happened over the ensuing years, including, in 1983, an upgrade to the electrical system and the addition of the lovely wall-to-wall red carpet. Vinyl siding was put on in 1987 and, two years later, the Sunday School was graced with a kitchen and bathroom. This last was made possible when the old hotel, to the south of the Church, which had long since been turned into a residence , burned down allowing for the purchase of the lot. While the lot had a well, a septic system was added to allow for plumbing in the church.

The last Service at St. Andrew's United took place on Oct 26, 2012. It was sold in late April the following year, at which point it became a private residence with Circa 1894 B&B and Day Spa soon to follow. With the Bed and Breakfast and Day Spa now for sale, we'd be delighted to show you around. Purchasing a Bed and Breakfast in Ontario could be the opportunity you've been waiting for.Contact us for a private viewing.

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