Day Spa - an oasis is added!

An Oasis is added!

After the B&B was complete, the building of Circa 1894 Day Spa began in the Spring of 2015. Attached to the newly renovated Bed and breakfast, this building was assembled using the International Passive house Guidelines, now recognized as the world leader in energy efficiency. To our knowledge, it is the only operationof its kind in Eastern Ontario.

The addition was designed with a 1.5 pitch roof and set to blend in to the landscape, so as not to take away from the church impact to the local community. The building was assembled on footing tubes, which had been located the previous Fall. A full PT skirt was added, and the frame was constructed using the "CMHC advanced framing method" using 25% less lumber. Custom trusses were used for the roof assembly. The entire exterior was then wrapped in 1.5" rigid foam board, with a final 4x8 sheathing added. This allowed the use of cedar shingles on the visual exterior walls, for a natural appearance. 

Inside, fitted strips of 1" rigid foam was installed on all the interior frame walls and ceiling. Spray foam was then applied to fill the wall and ceiling cavities to level. The excess was trimmed off to allow locally sourced pine paneling to give the spa that "Scandinavian Spa" appearance. The entire crawl space was also spray foamed, with its floor covered in plastic and roll insulated foam liner, as with both the Bed and Breakfast and the renovated church residence space.

There are three commercial sun domes in the ceiling. These 20" x 20" natural light sources, coupled with ample south and west windows, significantly reduces the use of artificial lighting in the Day Spa, giving our guests an experience of evening natural light as they relax in front of the fireplace.

This building is so energy efficient that the pilot light from the propane fireplace keeps the Day Spa space warm in the winter. The fireplace is turned on when guests in bathing suits are using the saunas or as ambiance in the Relaxation/Quiet Room. To comply with code, the space, which also consists of 2 change rooms; a reception area; a rest room; the sauna spa and a 3rd B&B guest bedroom, has 7 electric heaters, most of which have never been turned on, except to test. A further testament to the overall energy efficiency of the entire Circa 1894 Bed and Breakfast, Day Spa and residence. This area has both FAR and NIR Infra-red Saunas.

Later that summer, a tri-level deck was assembled for our guests' enjoyment, allowing them to quietly view the gorgeous valley from the comfort of the extensive seating that can be found there. Each level of deck contains a spa feature, two with hot tubs and one with an Amish Built, Finnish style sauna. Weather permitting, we serve our B&B and Day Spa guests on the upper level deck. As the deck construction moved forward, reclaimed brick was used to create a walkway to the Spa/B&B entrance. The walkway was carefully created around existing stones. Raised flower beds, river rock and a goldfish pond added to the landscaping. 

We opened for business in Rural Lanark, as Circa 1894 B&B and Day Spa, in October of 2015 and are now planning to move on to new adventures in our senior years. 

Is this the opportunity you have been waiting for? It is very well suited to a stay at home spouse; someone looking for extra income, or depending on # of accommodation nights you make it available (the choice is entirely yours), it might simply supply income to cover ownership costs. The attached Day Spa, too, has oodles of potential for a substantial income.

Maybe you are a semi-retired or retired couple, or someone who has always wanted to live in a Church and/or run a business from home. This could be just what you are looking for.

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